DC Age Switch - Teen Titans to Team Titans and Justice League to Justice Gals

"Wow, it's pretty cool, isn't it?" Beast Boy said. "Us working with the Justice League."

"Yes, indeed, this will be a very interesting exchanging of ideas," Starfire said.

"Man, Wonder Woman's so hawt," Beast Boy said. "It would be pretty awesome."

"Don't drool," Raven said.

"Yeah, don't any of you go crazy," Robin said. "Don't behave like a lot of dumb kids."

"You afraid of us embarrassing you in front of Batman?" Cyborg asked.

"Oh, poor Robin, you are experiencing the blushing of the cheeks!" Starfire said.

"Okay, here they come," Robin said. "Everyone be on their best behaviour."

The door opened to show the Justice League, and suddenly everything shifted.

"Hey, guys," Batbrat said, snapping her gum. "How's it hanging?"

Flash giggled. Cyborg and Changeling looked so hunky up close!

In this reality, the most respect superteam was the adult Team Titans, including Nightwing, Raven, Cyborg, Starfire, and Changeling. And the junior team was the all-girls Justice Gals.

"Okay, we need your help," Nightwing said, glowering at Batbrat, who was giving her booty a shake.
  1. Nightwing says what the problem is (blank)
  2. One of the Justice Gals has a question
  3. One of the Justice Gals is being mischevious (blank)
  4. Someone remembers how things used to be (blank)
  5. Something else (blank)

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