Ultimate Octo-Girl Sea Warriors - Lady Arachnida in her lair

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Ultimate Octo-Girl Sea Warriors - Lady Arachnida in her lair

Parrent Chapter

With her long spider legs erratically twirling downard, her massive abdomen exposed, and her red and black silk coat tightly fit on her plump torso; Lady Arachnida devilishly hung above her former lab, snickering to herself with great excitement.

"This is rare." Octo-Girl walked in from the entrance. "I thought you couldn't stand being here?"

Her pixie cut blond hair was a mess, showcasing her round and mature face. Yumi hated seeing Gwen this way. She was such a kind woman. Now she spends her days lurking in the shadows, hunting for blood.

"How are you doing, Yumi?" Gwen smiled.

Gwen was one of the few people that knew Octopus-Girl's true identity. Despite her new role in life, Yumi trusts Gwen would never expose her secret.

"I'm fine, Doctor Stacy-Watson." Yumi shrugged. "I watched that video of you fighting Iron Maiden last week..."

Gwen laughed.

"She got in my way."

Yumi sighed.

"I want to help you, Gwen." Yumi said sincerely. "I love you and I hate seeing you like this."

"You think Shield can help me?" Gwen questioned.

"Maybe. What if they could fix your DNA?"

"My sweet Yumi, my problem isn't the spider genes and it never was. My problem is the loneliness and empty feeling in my heart the deplorable death of Penny and Mary-Jane caused."

Yumi sighed.

"I miss them too." Yumi teared up, taking off her mask to reveal her sweet innocent face with short black hair. "But there's nothing you can do to bring them back!"

Gwen smiled and took out a remote from her coat pocket . "Yes, there is."

  1. Teen Spider-Man is transported to this reality, upsetting Gwen
  2. Gwen and Yumi are transported to alternate version of Earth
  3. something else

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