That Which We Hate - A trust fund adult that bought out the invitation from the intended owner.

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That Which We Hate - A trust fund adult that bought out the invitation from the intended owner.

Parrent Chapter

Haley Jenkins smiled as she surveyed her new apartment. It was every bit as spacious and luxurious as the pictures had portrayed it. She dropped her designer duffel bag and began exploring. She had payed a fortune for this place, but as she walked among the palatial rooms with their high ceilings, gleaming white walls, and brand new fixtures, she knew it was worth it.

When her cleaning lady had first told her about this place, she had assumed it was some sort of scam. Maria had claimed she had won an apartment in this building from a raffle she couldn't even remember entering. Haley simply laughed at her naivete and told her to get started cleaning the bathroom.

However, over the course of the next several weeks, as Maria showed her the letters and paperwork she was receiving, Haley realized it was real and began to grow jealous. The photos Maria had shown her looked even nicer than her current penthouse, and that was something she couldn't live with.

Haley began sucking up to Maria, talking with her and taking her out to coffee. She also began bad-mouthing the apartment, saying how expensive it would be to maintain, and how she really didn't need all that space. Eventually, Haley convinced Maria to give her the apartment in exchange for her old one, who by that point was more than happy to do it.

Haley smiled as she returned to the entryway. This place had to be worth at least 5 million dollars, she thought to herself, laughing at how little she had paid for it. Of course, she'd be paying more than she knew pretty soon...

  1. Haley feels a strange compulsion to start cleaning something.
  2. Haley gets an odd craving for Mexican food.
  3. Haley makes a mess unpacking, but has no desire to tidy it up.
  4. Something else.

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