Fat magic - Skia becomes a waste tank, Scat, vomiting, urine

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Fat magic - Skia becomes a waste tank, Scat, vomiting, urine

Parrent Chapter

Canadida smiled deviously as she wrote, incontinent and endless waste, holding it in causes bloating and more waste. Poop that barely touched mouth makes person vomit uncontrollably. Stop when I finally have Matt as my own and make her eat all her shit.

Skia was laying her sofa with her t-shirt and pink frilly when her stomach growled loudly. Suddenly she felt a sharp pain her bowels. She touched her vagina and anus through the fabric and felt wetness. Then all hell broke loose.

Skia just couldn't stop pissing and shitting all over the place. The floor was getting wetter, browner, and stickier. She tried holding it but that caused her body to gain weight and released even more shit. Her panties were utterly annihilated after that.

Soon her apartment was up to her ankles with waste. She suddenly tripped and fell on her face into the poopy urine. Her entire body soon was caked in poop. Her tounge touched it and her stomach frowled again. She started to dribble until her mouth was vomiting all over the place.

Skia tried to close her mouth but only caused her to get even bigger and barf more and hard. The waste was rising and started to thicken. Skia and her fat body started to have trouble moving around the waste. She fell over again and started to cry while she was still on the floor and piss.

"Why is this happening to me?!" she thought as she attempt to get up again but to success.

The poop, vomit, and piss started to get to her knee and she was struggling to stay above it. She crawled to the kitchen to get things with wide handles. She stuffed them into her anus and vagina hoping it was enoguh to hold it. She also close her mouth shut with her hands to stop the barf. All of this combined caused her to gain 500 pounds and all the utensils flew out. Her chubby hands couldn't hold on anymore and the vomit came flying out, gallons and gallons of piss came out along with her diarrhea, covering the walls with thicker and thicker chunks any way she turned.

Her fat heavy body caused her to sink deeper and deeper until she reached a spot where she fell right through. The poop started to surround Skai and she tried to dig out, but her body was too heavy. Poop and urine still came out though as he floated to the surface. Her vomit was starting to fill the room up a lot faster now. The waste was at her giant boobs now. Only where her breasts started and up were free along with her arms.

"Help!" She uselssly yelled as it was indistinguishable from all the vomit coming out the poop muffling the sounds even more. At this point only her head was sticking out. The poop started to harden in her anus causing her to blowt even further and the piss had nowhere to go except back where it came from. The vomit was reaching her nose and to stop her from suffocating, Skai had to try to swallow it. She managed to cloe her mouth with much effort and swallowed back the endless spray. Suddenly she just started vomitng, only just a small mouthful of vomit.

"I think it stopped," Skai gargled. Her brain suddenly made her need to eat all the waste.

"Why the hell would I think that?!" she thought, but it was too late. Her face was deep into vomit taking massive bites.

"Oh my god its so good. No what am I saying? It's delicious! I need more! No I don't, do I? Yes I do I need to eat all of it. NOOOoooo..." were the thoughts that rushed through her head. She just ate and ate, while Canadida was having a great date with Matt.

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