Return of the Phoenix - It was only a dream

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Return of the Phoenix - It was only a dream

Parrent Chapter

Scott awoke in a sweaty slumber, relieved the incident was only a dream... then he felt terrible, it was only a dream.

"Was I a good husband?" Scott asked himself in the mirror while shaving.

For awhile, he a had beard going on. But after that night with Jean, he wanted to get a better look at what little remained of the young man who went to Xavier's.

"Logan hates me, I'm a criminal, maybe I'm going mad." He rationalized. "No, Scott, you can't let a nightmare get to you. You have a world to fix for mutantkind and students who need you focused."
"In Savanah, a mutant child was killed today by her mother."

"Turn that off, Magik." Frost sighed on the couch, frustrated with her recent telepathic crippling.

"This is our failure, Frost." Illyana sighed. "We can't just ignore this. A nine year old child was brutally murdered because she's one of us and we did nothing."

"I'm getting tired of the news." Emma sighed. "It never shows the positive aspects of the day. Don't focus to much on it, we're going to be just fine."

  1. Signs of Jean appear on the news
  2. Jean gives Emma a terrifying glimpse of the future
  3. something else

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