Return of the Phoenix - Jean is actually back

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Return of the Phoenix - Jean is actually back

Parrent Chapter

The ceiling was undamaged above him, with only the traces of past reparations apparent. His glasses were firmly in place over his eyes - uncracked. The sheets beneath him were dry and cool. The room was stifling though in its smallness and darkness when compared to the place he had just come from. He missed the brightness, and he missed her. Her voice and the softness of her.

"An easy night, Red. So it would seem."

He sat up, rubbing his head, trying to clear his mind of the dream that was still sticking to his every muscle, pulling him down. The image of Jean standing there, a real Jean, his Jean, was suffocating.

<"You think so?">

Startled, Scott immediately hopped out of bed, stance prepared but only loose boxers slung around his hips. Having dated two psychics in the past, he was used to voices in his head, but there hadnÃÂÃÂt been one in a while. He had almost forgotten the sensation the eerie echo provided. Almost.

"Was that you, Emma? Or the Cuckoos? Please get out of my fucking head. I really don't need this right now."

"No, silly."

He groaned. Of course he knew that voice. Of course he fucking knew it! He knew it in his slumber, he knew it in his wake, he knew it when he didnt want to know it. The body beneath him, his legs, arms, every cell, trembled.

"God. Jean."

"Yes, Slim?"

He turned and there she was, sitting on his bedside table, same as she had been just a few minutes before, in his dream. Beautiful, but different. But still his Jean.

"You were telling the truth. I wasn't dreaming. He paused for a moment, taking her in visually. "Unless this is a hallucination."

Her White Phoenix costume bunched queerly over her zaftig curves as she stood up, a soft smile tracing her lips. She swayed her wide hips lewdly as she walked towards him, her hands outstretched to take him in. He felt her embrace in his marrow. She was in his hands, all flesh and blood beating against him. Real.

"Feel me, Scott. Grab me. I'm right here, all Jean." She buried her face in his shoulder, her body shivering. He felt her breasts against his chest and immediately felt a different tightness. I've missed you, but I never left you.

"I knew you would come back, Jean. You always do. I should have believed you."

She laughed, still buried in his bare chest. "You don't have to lie. I've been gone for quite a while. Emma has been a good replacement. I've been keeping tabs on you two."

"I'm so sorry. For everything I should have been a better hus,-"

"Wait. I hear something."

Suddenly, she jerked away from him, bolting towards the door. "They're coming. They sense me. They know there's another Omega on the grounds. Great. This ought to be fun."

"Damn. Emma will be here any second"

"Don't burn any bridges, Scott. Or, at least, don't burn any more." She winked cutely.

  1. Young Hank is behind the door
  2. Emma is behind the door
  3. something else

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