Geeky X-Girl - Geek Queen

Amanda Pit was a 206 pound nerd from Toronto with a greasy face covered in zits, large thighs loaded with cellulite, a hug pot belly, small breast, and the biggest pair of glasses you'd ever see. One day in school, after being picked on by a group of cheerleaders for her odor, her x-gene kicked in and she soon realized she could partially warp reality. Just by a thought she turned all the cheerleaders into over weight geeks who were terrified to even speak to a boy that wasn't related to them. It was at that moment that Amanda dawned the name Geek Queen, and decided to make the world better for not only mutants; but for geeks like her self.

Who does her transform first?
  1. Ema Frost
  2. Kitty Pride (blank)
  3. Jubilee (blank)
  4. Dazzler (blank)
  5. Psylocke (blank)
  6. Rouge (blank)
  7. Dust (blank)
  8. Pixie (blank)
  9. X-23 (blank)
  10. Storm (blank)
  11. More (blank)

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