Marvel Super Weirdness - Fearsome Four has been having some fun in their HQ

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Marvel Super Weirdness - Fearsome Four has been having some fun in their HQ

Parrent Chapter

Medusa was completely naked, her pastey, flabby, body jiggling around as her hair jolted to the fridge.

"I'll make ya a tuna sandwich if I can eat yours!" SheHulk licked her lips and flexed her muscles.

"Extra mayo." Medusa smiled, her belly growling.

"Will you too focus!" The Brute shouted. "Those bimbo teens will be here soon. I know Doom well, he knows what we're up too."

"Hardly!" Crystal laughed, pouring a glass of wine. She just had a frost job on her hair. It looked pretty cheep. It was fitting she enjoyed boxed wine. "That chump won't know what hit him!"

"Ughh!" Medusa whailed. Chomping down a sandwich while the SheHulk went down on her. "This so so fucking good!"

"We're villains." The Brute shook her head. "Can we focus a little bit. Those preppy teens on their cell phones half the time have more of an attention span than you Cougars!"

"We're not going to lose this time." Crystal smiled. "Get to work on the spike. We'll handle the Fabulous Four."
"Omg, Venom, don't you get it? We're through!" Wilma Baker giggled on the phone. "Quit calling me! I wanna fuck other people now!"

"Sweetie..." Edna Brock cried in the halls, just outside her kindergarten class.

"Don't sweetie me. You're boring now that you're a teacher! You don't even go out clubbing with me!"

"We've been together for nine years." Edna pulled her auburn locks back from her yellow blouse. "People change. That's what happens when we get older. I'm sorry I'm the rebellious rocker chick I use to be! But you can't just end things like this. I love you! I want to marry you! I want to keep changing with you!"

"For fuck's sake, stop! Eddie, you gotta stop with that shit. I don't want to get married. Especially to some boring chick like you! I'm the coolest, sexiest hero around. I can't be tied down and I never will!"

"You're twenty-five, Wilma!" Edna shouted. "You can't be a party girl for the rest of your life! And you know what? I'm sick of that team you're own! You're hanging out with a bunch of teenagers and acting like you're back in high school. Fine, whatever, I'm glad you dumped me! You need to grow up!"

Wilma took a gulp of vodka and headed out of her room.

"There you are." Ms. Magician smiled. "We got some hags to take down!"

"Just the pick me up I needed." Wilma smiled.

  1. The Big Fight begins
  2. Doctor Doom gets special visit
  3. How are the X-men?
  4. How are the avengers?
  5. something else

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