Alchemist's Revenge - The House Party

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Alchemist's Revenge - The House Party

Parrent Chapter

The choice seemed obvious- the best place to attack her rivals was where they would be at their best. The more scantily they are clad, they harder they will fall.

Brianna marched across campus with a purpose, the bag of potions clinking on her hip. Finally, she reached a house on the edge of campus. Small, shabby, and poorly kept, it had all the makings of a college party house. Although she was invisible, Bri worried that the rattling potion bag would give her away. She slowed down. As she approached the front door of the house, she realized she had no reason to worry. Loud voices and thumping bass emanated from the open door and into the street. Brianna stepped inside.

The interior of the house was hot compared to the cool spring air outside. Brianna had to press herself against the wall to avoid running into a gaggle of several sweating freshman near the door. She surveyed the house, looking for fresh prey. She was practically salivating. There were numerous girls she recognized, and many she totally despised. They were trolling the party for prey of their own, swigging from solo cups and prowling from conversation to conversation.

Who will she dose?

  1. Rachel Sheraton, the biologist
  2. Heidi Holt, the marketing major
  3. Yasmine Alemon, the actress
  4. Sam Foshay, the artist
  5. Other choices

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