Adaptable Present - A 32 year old finds herself with a night of youth the night before her wedding

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Adaptable Present - A 32 year old finds herself with a night of youth the night before her wedding

Parrent Chapter

Roxanne Faraday had been looking forward to this night for over 23 (take away 8) years. She was going to get married! And even better it was to the sweetest guy she ever met. Jerome Granger had been a bit of a dork in high school, but Roxanne gave him a chance and she hadn't regret it yet. She had almost gone to prom with Micheal Logan. Looking back, he was quite a jerk, but boy was he cute. It didn't matter anymore. Done were Roxanne's days of hanging with those thick headed football players. Now was going to get married and have everything she ever wanted.

Roxanne admired her reflection in the mirror, she loved the wedding dress she'd picked out it hugged her curves in very flattering way. It hugged her thick curvy thighs at the bottom, and accentuated her well sized and round breasts. Any of the jerks who called her a boy in high school would be eating their words now. She was having trouble deciding how to fix her auburn hair, a bun or braid? Braid looked a little more casual. Whatever. Roxanne stared down with joy at her engagement ring. It had a bright grey gem, one that specifically matched her eyes. She sat on the couch behind her, drifting off to dream of her life with Jerome.

Suddenly a Hello Kitty alarm clock went off on Roxxie's nightstand.

"7:00?" Thought Roxxie.

"Rox, time to get up, its time to go to school, you don't want to be late do?"

It was Roxanne's mother's voice, Roxanne hadn't heard her mother's since her senior year when her mother died in that nasty car wreak.

"Rox, come on." Immediately the door opened revealing a woman similar to Roxanne only with another 100lbs on her lower body and some grey hair up front.

"Roxanne, do you want some breakfast?" Her mother pleasantly asked.

  1. Roxanne can't help but cry.
  2. Spend some time with mommy, have breakfast.
  3. Getting ready for school. No breakfast.
  4. A nice big breakfast, so Roxxie can spend time with her mom.
  5. Knock at the door. It's Jerome.
  6. Knock at the door. It's Micheal, come to ask Roxanne to him another chance.
  7. Extreme sports commercial comes on the T.V. peaking Roxanne's interest.
  8. Roxxie feels sick, maybe she should stay home.
  9. This has to be a dream, try to wake up!
  10. Something Else

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