Evil Avengers - Natasha wants to spend some alone time with Miss America

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Evil Avengers - Natasha wants to spend some alone time with Miss America

Parrent Chapter

"Hey, no running off for the shopping of the mall, little devushka," Natasha growled as she grabbed Stevie's arm with a powerful hand. "We are going to have a little celebration, yes?"

Natasha stroked Stevie's cheek and kissed her. The powerful Russian smelled of cigars, vodka, and gunpowder.

* * *

"More prisoners, my goddess."

"Excellent," rumbled Empress Storm. "Prepare them to be judged."

Her domain was in the centre of Africa, where she ruled as the empress of all mutants. Storm was huge... she resembled some ancient giant fertility idol with a huge fertile black belly, thick stock arms and legs, a wide fertile cunt, and utterly gigantic tits that dripped milk.

She was the ultimate enemy of everything SHIELD stood for. Not because Storm was good, quite the opposite, but because while SHIELD believed in human supremacy, the Empire of the Storm was devoted to mutant supremacy. Once Storm conquered the world, all humans would be enslaved, if deemed useful, and exterminated if not.

The time of the humans was over. The time of the mutants had begun!

"Bring me food! I hunger!" Storm called out. "Bring me cock! I hunger! Once I have eaten and fucked, then I will judge the prisoners!"

  1. Storm savours her bounty
  2. One of the prisoners pleads for his life
  3. Stevie tries to escape Natasha's grip
  4. He is too turned-on
  5. Something else

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