A trip in hell - They woke up all together

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A trip in hell - They woke up all together

Parrent Chapter

The group woke up what seems a few minutes later. They all remember the blackness of the night, the sudden light in their faces, the screeching noise and the pain. They were six now, the small group and the drunk driver.

In the orange sky glow what seems a red sun. The weather was neither cold nor hot. The landscape was really strange, the ground seems to be organic, strange trees looking like naked woman with branch growing out of them could seen at different places.

While observing the land scape the group saw an old man not far from them. The man was making sign for the group to come to him.

  1. Liam shout at the drunk driver found with the group
  2. The group go see the old man
  3. Anna go inspect one of the trees
  4. Something else

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