In the Mirror - I wish I was smarter

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In the Mirror - I wish I was smarter

Parrent Chapter

The beautiful Blonde Sally, looked in the mirror, at her golden shiny, hair, her bright blue eyes, her flawless complexion happy with her look, but worried about the upcoming exam. Her first semester of community college didn't go well and her mother said she would stop paying for school if she didn't pass most of her classes this semester.

"I wish I was smarter and than it would be easier." With that a haze passed over the mirror, Sally's skin felt warm, weird, and the world just seemed to blank out for a few seconds.

Sally blinked a few times but the image reflected back was fuzzy, unfocused. She realized she was holding something in her hand and almost without thinking realized it was a pair of glasses which she slipped onto her face. The image in the mirror came into focus.

Scrunching her nose touching the mirror, surprised at the girl staring back at her. It was her, Sally, but yet it wasn't. The nose was a little wider, the teeth a bit less shiny white, hair, a duller blonde, a the glasses. Overall still pretty but more plain and nerdy then she ever looked. She blinked disbelieving.

  1. Sally goes to a full length mirror to examine her body further
  2. Sally looks in her purse for her ID wondering how far this change has gone
  3. Sally tries to fix the wish with another wish

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