The Remote - Try it on a family member?

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The Remote - Try it on a family member?

Parrent Chapter

You walk downstairs to see who you can find. Asleep in a lounge chair is Clair your 54 year old mother she has always seemed somewhat repulsive to you she is an alcoholic smokes way too much is loud and sexually perverted to the point that she will masterbuate in her room making the kind of noise that would wake the dead. She is messy will wear the same panties for up to three days. You shudder as you walk past her observing the wet patch on her protruding camel toe threatening to break through her tight pink yoga pants. In the study is your 55 year old father John working on a new housing development plan. Your father is a handsome man fit and looks more like a man 45 rather than 55. He is outgoing has a kind nature and is liked by all persons that meet him. And heads up his own successfully growing and much in demand civil design firm. You also notice your auntie Mia walking up the driveway she is also 55 she is tall and rather heavy set she works as a nurse and quite premisquise and is in a rather unhappy marriage and usually comes over to complain to your mother.

  1. Your mother Clair
  2. Your father John
  3. Your Auntie Mia

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