American Transformation Story Hotel - Mrs Lucy Farr

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American Transformation Story Hotel - Mrs Lucy Farr

Parrent Chapter

Lucy looked up from the counter as she saw the woman stroll in and she took stock of what was approaching her. See Lucy had a knack for reaching into a persons mind and finding out what the one thing they hated the most in the world. She lived for bringing people down and by the end of someone's stay they will have become the thing they hate the most in this world.

There really were no limits to it, race color religion jobs looks she had seen all changes here. Lucy would find the persons hate and the hotel would twist them into that she didn't know how it worked it just worked. They seemed to not remember who they used to be and no one else does either. By the end of thier time at the hotel they would leave and have a new place in the city like they never lived anywhere else.

Take the business woman standing in front her now, talking on her cell phone at the counter not even bothering to look up, that's just rude Lucy thought as she peered into her and smiled."oh that's to perfect" she said

During the woman's 3 day stay here she will have become what she hated the most.

  1. She hates uneducated ghetto hoes.
  2. She hates dumb strippers.
  3. She hates foreigners that have trouble speaking English.
  4. She hates men.
  5. She hates slutty young girls.
  6. Something Else

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