Ms. Frost's School for Gifted Sissies - A strange transformation at the X-Men Mansion

The X-Men were relaxing in their mansion, engaged in various activities.

Cyclops was heading over to talk with Emma Frost, as there was something of concern for him.

"Emma?" he said. "Oh, there you are. I think it's--"

Suddenly Cyclops felt dizzy for a moment, and there was a flash.

When he recovered, and the spots faded from his eyes, he found himself looking at a changed Emma.

She seemed taller... and older. Perhaps around middle-aged. Though still very attractive.

Emma was looking at Cyclops in shock. He was far more transformed than her. He was much smaller and slighter than before -- looked like some cute, girlish teen with messy hair. A really cute young thing.

All over the mansion, other X-Men were receiving similar shocks....
  1. Emma is shocked at what happened to Scott (blank)
  2. She decides she likes him better like this (blank)
  3. What did Cyclops want to talk to her about anyway? (blank)
  4. Someone else runs into the room (blank)
  5. Check what's going on somewhere else in the mansion (blank)
  6. Something else

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