That Which We Hate - Home sweet home

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That Which We Hate - Home sweet home

Parrent Chapter

Even though Adam and Penny Brown had been married for nearly a year now, he carried her over the threshold when they entered their new two bedroom apartment for the first time. Being six foot and built like a starting quarterback made it easy for Adam to carry his petite wife.

He carried her into the bedroom, set her down and then proceeded to remove his shirt.

"What are you doing?" Penny asked with a concerned frown.

"Let's make love, baby," Adam said he brushed a lock of her auburn hair out of her face.

Jenny kissed his hand. "The movers will be here soon. I don't want to smell like sex when they show up."

"I do. They'll eat their hearts out. They'll wish they could fuck you too, but they can't because you belong to me."

"You're so romantic," Jenny said as she rolled her eyes. "I don't want a bunch of strange men looking at me like a sex object." She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him. "Once they're gone we can christen every room in our new home. In the mean time, can you get groceries out of the car? I want to set up some food and drinks for the movers."

The movers arrived thirty minutes later. Penny had a platter of finger sandwiches, a pot of coffee and an assortment of soft drinks set out for them. The three man crew was impressed by Mrs. Brown's hospitality and thank her repeatedly. Penny blushed, but was thrilled. This was the type of attention she liked getting from men.

Once the movers finished their job and had departed Adam scooped Jenny up and carried her into the bedroom, kissing her passionately along the way. When he set her on the bed he was shocked by what she said next.

  1. I want you to do me in the ass tonight
  2. Have you ever considered having a threeway
  3. It's twenty for a sucky and fifty for a fucky
  4. Wait, I need to unpack my strap on first
  5. Let's get this over with quick. I have a fuck ton of unpacking to do
  6. Will you wear my panties while you eat me out?
  7. Did you remember to take your blue pill first?
  8. On your knees slave!
  9. Something else
  10. Something else

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