The What If Machine - A College Student

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The What If Machine - A College Student

Parrent Chapter

The morning fall air was crisp as a trio of women toured the campus. A tour guide was showing the newest student, Donna Porter, around the campus with her mother.

“And that is why our campus has an excellent referral program.” The guide, Missy, said as they came out to the square, where student housing was.

“Neat.” Donna said looking around. At 20 years old, she was happy to finally get started on her business degree. Looking around, she was enjoying the campus very much. All the students she had been meeting were welcoming and seemed fun to be around. Her mother, Nancy, was a little less enthusiastic. Maybe it was empty nest syndrome, as Donna was the last of her three kids to leave. That at least was what Donna thought.

While her mother had short dark hair and piercing blue eyes, Donna had inherited traits from her father, rendering her with red curly hair and hazel eyes. She did get some traits from her mother though. Such as her mother’s imposing six foot stature and long legs. Not to mention wide hips and a cute bubble butt. As Donna looked around some more, she noticed some booths set up in front of the student housing.

“Hey, what’s that about?” Donna asked pointing.

“Oh that? Those are some of our campus clubs. They like to have booths set up for new students. They get a lot of new members that way.” Missy said.

“Cool! Mom? Mind if I go check it out?” Donna asked.

“Sure. Go ahead honey. I’ll just check out these pamphlets.” Her mother responded as she picked one up. It looked to be for nursing programs. Not surprising. Her mother was a registered nurse after all. She probably was curious to know what all the new tricks were. Donna left her mother be. She sauntered over to the booths. First she came up to one with a friendly looking woman in a lab coat.

“Hi there! New student right? Got an interest in science?” The woman asked.

“What kind of club is this?” Donna asked.

“This is the Chemistry Club. We like to experiment with different chemical compounds to see what we can bring to the school. See those rubber tires on the campus vehicles? We made them.”

“Woah. Really? That’s cool! What else do you make? Shrink potions?” Donna half joked.

“Actually... it just happens one of our members was trying something like that. No results so far, but hey... it keeps him busy.”

“Neat. I might think about this.” Donna remembered how she aced a lot of her chemistry assignments in high school. This could be right up her alley.

“Awesome. If you get settled in, just look for us in the lab wing.” The friendly girl said.

“Cool.” Donna awkwardly said. She immediately moved to the next booth. She was delighted to see delicious pink cupcakes on the table. Sat behind the booth was a chubby girl with short blonde hair.

“Hey girl! Try one of our sweet treats?” The chubby young lady said smiling.

“Hell yeah!” Donna said picking up a cupcake in her hand. Taking a bite, she was met with an incredible explosion of flavor.

“Oh my god! That’s so good!” Donna said with her mouth half full.

“And there’s more where that came from! In the Baking Club, we are always trying out sweet new recipes. Plus... everyone in the club gets a taste.” The chubby girl winked.

“That sounds so fun! How do you like it?” Donna asked finishing her cupcake.

“Well... I didn’t have this when I started.” The girl said patted her bulging belly.

“Well. Thanks for the free sample. Maybe I’ll join up.” Donna said walking away. The next booth was a complete 180 from the baking club booth. A handsome, and jacked, guy sat behind the booth.

“Yeah right babe. Don’t go to the Baking Club. Those fatties will hurt your cholesterol. Join the fitness club. We lift, we run, we do everything to get JACKED!!” The young guy flexed his arms making a big impression on Donna.

“Maybe...” Donna was also a little wary of such a muscle head. She went over to the booth next door. The was cute, but he seemed a bit cocky. The next booth had a wimpy guy and a big fat girl behind it... dressed as Elves.

“Greetings adventurer! Would you perhaps like to know about the Gaming Club?” The scrawny guy said in his squeaky voice.

“Gaming Club? So like... video games? Or board games?” Donna asked.

“Both. Role playing as well.” The fat girl said adjusting the Elf ears she wore.

“Neat. My brother and I went to DND games in high school.” Donna said. As she did, the scrawny guy’s face lit up.

“Really? Someone like you? Likes games?” He asked.

“Uh.... yeah. Something weird about that?” Donna asked confused.

“No. You’ll have to forgive Eugene. He’s not used to girls who role play... and are attractive.” The fat girl said.

“Oh. Thanks.... I guess. What are those?” Donna pointed to a stack of games sitting by the girls chair.

“Oh. One of the ways we’re promoting is by giving away free games! They’re mostly old. But maybe there’s still some fun ones. Like this maybe?” The girl brought the game at the top of the stack to the booth. Setting it in front of Donna, she could now see the cover.

“The What If Machine?” Donna read the 1960s style lettering aloud.

“Looks kinda fun. Want it?” The girl asked.

“Yeah. You know what? Sure. It’s free. Not like it’d be a waste.” Donna said shrugging. Taking the box from the booth, Donna tucked it under her arm.

“If you like it... maybe give our Club a whirl?” Eugene asked adjusting his glasses.

“Uh... maybe.” Donna though this guy was a little weird. But harmless.

“Have a good day.” The fat girl said elbowing Eugene and shooting a glare.

“Weird pair.” Donna muttered under her breath. Walking to the next booth, she was greeted with a guy in a suit.

“Hello.” He said.

“Hi. What’s your club?”

“We are the Debate Club. We specialize in working on our argument skills.”

“Okay. Sounds boring.” Donna said.

“Of course that’s how it sounds to you. You are intellectually challenged. Harlot.”

“Jerk.” Donna said walking back over to her mom. She could swear that guy was checking out her ass as she walked away though. Great. A hypocrite too. Her mom looked pretty engrossed in her pamphlet as she came up with the game under her arm.

“See any clubs you like honey?” Nancy asked her daughter.

“There were some cool ones. Even got a free board-game out of the Gaming Club.” Donna showed her mother the game.

“Interesting. Think you might join any?” Nancy asked.

“I’m going to think about it.” Donna said tucking the game under her arm.

“Well. Miss Porter. Come along. There’s still some touring to be done.” Missy said escorting them along....

  1. Later that night... Donna tries out the game.
  2. Donna comes across other clubs.

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