The Twisted Therapist - Beast Boy has an appointment

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The Twisted Therapist - Beast Boy has an appointment

Parrent Chapter

"Come in, Mr. Logan." The therapist adjusted her top and glasses.

"Ah, thanks," Beast Boy said as he entered the therapist's office. "But you can just call me 'Garfield.'"

"Very well. Take a seat, Garfield. Now, you know that Mr. Grayson has suggested you all get a little counselling. He is concerned that the team isn't as balanced as it could be."


"You seem nervous. Don't worry. Mr. Grayson trusts me totally and you should too." Or rather he trusted her fully after a long conversation.


"You seem nervous. You're looking at my breasts, aren't you?"

"Um... well...." Beast Boy blushed and looked away from the therapist's impressive bosom.

"No need to be shy. I'm your therapist, you can trust me with all of your thoughts. I hear you often like to make sexual jokes, flirt, that sort of things. You like to present yourself as a very sexually confident person. However, I'm detecting some underlying issues there. Are you over-compensating, Garfield? Do you have some issues?"

She stared at him firmly from above her glasses.

  1. Beast Boy confesses his issue
  2. He hotly denies there's anything
  3. Who is this therapist anyway?
  4. In her conversation with Dick Grayson, the therapist had planted a subliminal command....
  5. Something else

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