Becoming who you hate. - After class Eric goes to the mall.

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Becoming who you hate. - After class Eric goes to the mall.

Parrent Chapter

Eric decided to head to the mall and hang out there after school since it was the end of year and practice was over. Eric had been disappointed with how the season had went for them but he was more annoyed at how the rest of the team had preformed. He nodded his head thinking 'I can only do so much for those losers'.

Eric made his way to the food count, on his was he spotted a new store that was opening up soon. He read the banner in the window as he passed "Lane Bryant. Plus size clothing for women for all shapes and sizes. From 12 to 28". Eric mumbled to himself "Fucking fat bitches".

When Eric got to the food court his friend could see he was in a bad mood from the look on his face. When Eric sat at their table one of the guy asked what was up with him in a mocking tone? Oblivious to the sarcasm Eric went into a rant, "Did you see what their opening in this mall?".

Most of the group paid little attention to Eric at the best of time but when he started on one of his rant they just let him blow himself out. But for some of the teammates the saw it as an opportunity to wind him up.

Chad grinned "What are they opening up?"

"A store for fat bitches, I mean really should they be encouraging it?"

"Encouraging what, fat people must get dressed too".

"Yeah, yeah but they should be given muumuu or sweat's so they'll get off their ass and exercises. Really by making nice cloth in their size it makes them think it's OK!" Eric started to get more animated now.

"OK, what do you mean OK?"

"You know, being FAT" Eric said the last word with disgust.

"Why wants wrong with being fat?"

"WHAT'S RIGHT WITH IT" Eric was almost screaming at this point.

Chad had to suppress a giggle "Look Eric there's some now, why don't you tell them what you think of them?"

Eric spun around and spotted the group of fat girl's Chad was talking about, Eric shot up and start marching over to the group. Chad was taken completely by surprise and before he could catch Eric he was half way to their table. Chad put his hands to eye and left out a sigh "Oh Crap".

  1. Eric rants at the group.
  2. He run's in to a mature fat woman.
  3. Something else

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