The Remote - Try it on a stranger?

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The Remote - Try it on a stranger?

Parrent Chapter

You decide to try it on a stranger. You walk around town, looking for a satisfactory stranger to try it on. You wander around until you see someone who you've seen before, but have never met before, so they definitely fit the description of "stranger". This person? The best and most beautiful cheerleader at your high school, Samantha "Melons" Meloni. She, of course, had large breasts which, when combined with her somewhat strange last name, led to her nickname. Of course, she was also very talented as a cheerleader as you knew because you had gone to the school's football games just to watch the cheerleaders for the longest time. However, you stopped because you saw her and other cheerleaders bullying some poor students after school one day.

You have this strange remote in your hand, and you have no idea what any of the buttons do because it didn't come with an instruction manual. You do take the time to read some of the buttons, though. Some of the ones you read could be used for revenge, others for love. You also found a "REWRITE REALITY" switch, which you thought sounded interesting and so you switched it to ON. What button will you press?

  1. The "HAIRY BBM" button.
  2. The "LOVE DOLL" button.
  3. One of the animal buttons in the "MALE ANIMALS" spot.
  4. One of the animal buttons in the "FEMALE ANIMALS" spot.
  5. The "NERDY GUY" button.
  6. The "NERDY GIRL" button.
  7. The "BEST FRIEND (MALE)" button.
  8. The "GIRLFRIEND" button.
  9. The "BOYFRIEND" button.
  10. One of the food buttons.
  11. A different button from those listed.
  12. Another button that's not listed.
  13. Yet another button that's not listed.

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