The Ray Gun - The woman becomes a sexy, white, slut

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The Ray Gun - The woman becomes a sexy, white, slut

Parrent Chapter

Skyler stared on as the ray gun did it's work. With a mere shot the woman seemed to age back 10, 20, 30+ years in an instant.

"Woah!" Tyler screamed. "Hot mama.."

The woman, now pale and bleached as a sun-dried raisin if raisin's were pale swung her assets in Skyler's direction. Her hair was a messy platinum blond, with pink extensions running down the back. She wore a cotton wifebeater reading "Totes White Trash Baby <3" on the front, with black cargo shorts holding up her thick and plump thighs. She was beautiful, and all too alluring... until he saw her face.
A crooked smile, a loose gap between her teeth, spotted freckles and enough acme to warrant having bathed in a tub of grease seemed to offset the rest of her rather attractive assets. Despite her smooth body, her head looked like she'd just fallen out of a trailer straight from dropping one off at an abortion clinic.

Skyler bit his tongue slightly and held back his gun, the one in his hands and inside his pants. He had to be more careful with it, it was amazing that it could change reality and individuals on a fly but from close observation it's effects were unpredictable!

Skyler decided to...

  1. Shoot the woman again
  2. Test it on somebody else
  3. Hide the gun away
  4. Shoot himself
  5. Something else

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