Symposium Morbus - More Outbreak choices!

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Symposium Morbus - More Outbreak choices!

Parrent Chapter

Other stored Disaster-potentials include:

Auxiliatrix Aerostatsis (Strand A) - An Airborne pathogen, when infected by it individuals will gain "Helpful" traits and soon suffer from an indomitable desire to be of assistance to another and their specific goal or task, regardless of the former relationship. This won't warp the infected personality, but rather bend it towards becoming serviceable to their target, although they will by no means become "Submissive" or desire servitude towards the target as a whole.

Auxiliatrix Aquastatsis (Strand B) - The same pathogen simply waterborne, when transmitted through liquids this strand will have a similar effect as it's air-counterpart. The primary difference being, the victim will in fact go through drastic personality, behavior, and even physical and mental changes to become of use to their target. Studiers often code-name this strand "Minion syndrome", "Tag-a-long effect", or even "Queen-Bee Illness"

Apostle's Apricot - Although it looks like an ordinary, edible chrome fruit, it's actually a vegetable infected with a supervirus. Eating this will manifest "Charismatic" (subjectively speaking) traits within an individual and ripple a powerful aura throughout the kin and society of those nearby over time. This will become so pronounced, the patient will become a "Characteristic Messiah" of sorts, with others taking after them and desiring to emulate them, writing it into the very fabric of their host culture. It will effectively create a new Stereotype out of that one individual alone that cannot be ignored or denied.

Blood Biometrics - Originally a vaccine created to counter a reality changing illness, this organism has mutated to stigmatizing levels. The primary use of this would in theory allow one to recover from viral symptoms, reverse changes and restore one's individual self, but because it's mutation the effects converge on Atavism, activating ancestral traits and genetic throwbacks into those afflicted by it.

Genital Hirsutism - Surprisingly mild for it's containment, all this bacteria does is startle up an increase in testosterone, increase muscle mass, aggression, gregarious outgoing behavior and seemingly masculinity. It also turns hair blue, and causes it to grow excessively on armpits and loin areas. It only seems to effects Woman however, although men can be non-effected carriers.

  1. Auxiliatrix Aerostatsis (Strand A) - Increased helpfulness
  2. Auxiliatrix Aquastatsis (Strand B) - Increased Conformity
  3. Apostle's Apricot - All encompassing conformity/stereotyping
  4. Blood Biometrics - Access to genetic linages
  5. Genital Hirsutism - Hairy hunky woman made Bros
  6. More Outbreaks

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