My sister's revenge - Daisy makes James find her sexy and attractive

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My sister's revenge - Daisy makes James find her sexy and attractive

Parrent Chapter

James was on his phone scrolling through social media when the subject of girlfriends began to creep into his mind. He'd had a few in his high school career, and they'd given him excellent sex.
Wait, he was still in high school wasn't he? James shook his head, he was thinking strange thoughts. He had finished high school, he was 18!

Just then, he began to change, his age reverting to 16, and he was back in high school, now a year older than his sister. His sister. He began to think about his sister, and how absolutely annoying, bratty and entitled she was with her dad wrapped around her finger. Then, he frowned.

What was he thinking? His sister was perfect! She deserved do be given so much money, she was absolutely stunning with her shoulder length blonde hair and her piercing blue eyes. He began to enjoy his sister's company more and more, going from hating the sound of her annoying nasally voice to loving the sound of it and wishing she would talk more.

He heard a noise as he heard the telltale nasally laugh of his sister on the phone. He got up and listened in through the wall. "So like then I said to daddy that it wasn't my feet that stank, it was James's!" James raised an eyebrow as he listened. "oh ya I don't care about my feet smelling I read this thing that says it's healthier for them." James laughed at how dumb his sister was, she really was extremely unintelligent. But where this would have repulsed him, as intelligence was his primary turn on, he found it didn't matter. He was becoming Daisy's ideal man, as he grew taller, to six foot, and gained a six pack. His penis grew to 7 inches and he knew he was an alpha for his age. He began to see her as sexy and hot, her vain greedy and vapid nature becoming a turn on for him.

He walked into her room with a smirk on his face.
Daisy looked up at him with a wry smile. "someone's like happy to see me" she looked at his large bulge. "I'm glad you like finally appreciate how hot your sister is James" she giggled vapidly. James was in heaven. Daisy was his ideal girl. Dumb, vain, shallow and hot, she looked absolutely stunning. She was wearing her black leather shiny ballet flats, a leather skirt that reached her mid thigh, and a leopard print halter top that showed her C cup cleavage.

"So are you going to like, just stand there staring? Or are you gonna show me how you feel about me?" Daisy said.

James was fully into Daisy now, and unzipped his pants and took off his boxers, freeing his large cock, fully erect for her. "mmm I was wondering when I'd get to see your big dick James. You know I like always loved you, you just needed some changes and now you're like perfect for me!"

James felt his IQ drop to her level as he listened to her vapid nasally babbling about how big his dick was, and he began to think with his dick and not his mind primarily."I hope you don't mind my feet, they smell soooo bad but it's better for your health if you don't wash them I read." James inhaled her foul stench and he just didn't care. "Yeah babe that's fine, just suck me off okay?"

Daisy giggled her nasally annoying giggle again. "Good, because I don't care if you don't like the smell, you're my boyfriend now and you're gonna learn to love it." With that, she wrapped her French nail extension covered fingers around his dick and began to wank him off.

She licked his tip and wrapped her lips it. She then began bobbing her head up and down his shaft, to which he moaned and grunted softly.
Here he was, in absolute ecstasy as his new girlfriend, his bratty disgusting sister blew him, and he loved every second of it. The thought of an intellectual girlfriend now wasn't attractive at all, as Daisy only watched reality TV such as love Island and Geordie shore. She'd never read a book in her life and her lavish spoiled nature had meant she'd been able to put no effort in and live off of her parents instead. She blew him faster and he looked at her flawless fake tanned skin as she gave him the best blowjob he'd ever had.

He felt himself getting close, so the girl tightened her lips around his cock, bobbing one last time. He grunted and came, his cum exploding into her mouth and down her throat.

"Mmmm like that was tasty." Daisy lay down on her bed and switched on the TV. "Come here babe, let's watch TV together." He snuggled up to her after pulling his pants up again, the blowjob making the changes permanent.

  1. Daisy goes shopping with James
  2. James fights the changes
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