My sister's revenge - Daisy turns James into her, in both mind and body

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My sister's revenge - Daisy turns James into her, in both mind and body

Parrent Chapter

James had gotten over his sister's stupid threat, ignoring it as nothing but intimidation. He got up out of his bed, ready to start the day, groggily walking to the bathroom. He looked in the mirror with a self satisfied smirk and pouted. "looking good as always James." He frowned suddenly. Why had he just pouted? And why was he so confident in his appearance all of a sudden? Come to think of it, was his voice that nasally normally?

He decided to test it out. "hello, my name is James Norton, testing 1 2 3." His voice was thankfully back to normal. He shrugged. Maybe he was just imagining it. He showered, and dressed, getting on with his day. What James failed to notice however was that other subtle changes were happening to him. His gait became naturally more delicate and his brown hair lightened very slightly.

He got on with chores, having a rather uneventful day, when he heard the telltale nasally whine of his sister's voice. "Hey James how are you big brother!" She seemed uncharacteristically friendly with him, even giving him a smile and a wave with her French manicured hand. "Uhm, I'm alright thank you Daisy, what's got you so happy today?" He replied. Daisy gave a little obnoxious giggle at this, obviously finding something hilariously funny. " your voice sounds so much better, that's what's got me so happy!" James frowned at this."What do you like mean my voice?" he said, the nasally slightly higher pitched voice coming back, with a filler added into the sentence instinctively.

Daisy giggled again. "see!!" James now has a permanent change in his voice, as he replied angrily. "What the hell?! Did you do this?!"
Daisy just smirked, fluttering her eyelashes.
"Maybe I decided to give you a makeover yes!"
James was so confused and angry, and he made a grab for her, which she dodged, waggling her finger. "ah ah ah, keep going after me and I'll speed up the changes." James's eyes widened.
"The changes?! What changes?!" Daisy blew him a kiss, pointing to herself as she responded "you're gonna turn into me! Won't that be great! We'll like all the same makeup and dresses and the same nails and the same taste in boys and-"

James cut her off. "You mean to tell me... You're turning me into YOU?!" She nodded happily. "You're finally gonna appreciate me for the Princess I am!" James was desperate now, he couldn't believe this was actually happening.
"Daisy please tell me... What do you want... Money? I can give you money." Daisy just giggled her obnoxious giggle and shook her head. "Nope! I have daddy's money anyway. No, I want you to become me, because I'm so much better than you anyway. You should be honored I'm doing this!" She then skipped off without another word, leaving James to his own devices.

James was becoming depressed, thinking of turning into his bratty spoiled little sister was really making him feel awful. His voice had fully risen to her annoying high pitched nasally whine, and he kept peppering his speech with 'like' everytime he spoke, making it difficult for him to appear normal. His eyes had also changed colour, becoming bright blue, just like Daisy's.
He sat on his bed, wondering what to do.

  1. James attacks Daisy, causing the changes to speed up
  2. James embraces the changes, sinking deeper into being a spoiled brat
  3. James tries to resist and reverse the changes
  4. Something else

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