My sister's revenge - Daisy forces James to wear her smelly Ballet flats

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My sister's revenge - Daisy forces James to wear her smelly Ballet flats

Parrent Chapter

The next day, when Daisy was out of the house, James was minding his own business, reading a book. He started getting a strange thought, however. 'I wonder what it would be like to wear my sister's shoes?' he thought. For some reason, the thought was oddly alluring to him, and he found himself growing tempted to walk into his sister's room and try a pair on.

He shook the thought off though, thinking it was weird for him to be thinking like that about his sister. Especially with how repulsive her flats made her feet. As he continued with his day, doing chores around the house, playing video games and the like, that thought came back to him over and over again, and it was becoming more difficult to resist.

As he was washing the dishes, he suddenly gave into the urges, set the plate he was washing down and went upstairs. He walked into his sister's room and looked around. Her room was typical of a teenage girl, painted pink with boy band posters on the wall, however she had a lot of expensive jewellery and clothes that set her apart from the average girl. James opened her closet, and glanced at the vast collection of shoes she had. She had a few pairs of platform heels, however she mostly wore flats when she went out of the house. What James found strange, and somewhat intriguing, was that although Daisy was out, she'd left her favourite pair of her shiny black vivienne westwood PVC rubber ballet flats.

James knew how much she wore those flats, and took them out of her wardrobe giddily. He was excited now. He set the flats down on the floor and sniffed the soles. His mind melted as he inhaled Daisy's putrid sweaty stench. It smelled like a mixture of a cheesy vinegary smell mixed with sweat, and he loved it. He wondered why he'd ever hated the smell when she wore her cute flats around the house, this was heavenly.

He decided to slip his foot into one of them, expecting to not fit in them. However to his delight and fascination, his foot slipped in fine. He put the other one on and it fit perfectly too. He looked down at his now cute flat clad feet, and they were the most comfortable shoes he'd ever worn. He felt so lucky to be able to wear them.

Meanwhile, the shoes began to change his feet, making them permanently smaller, a girl's size 5 to be exact. His nails were painted bright pink and an orange fake tan spread over his feet. His feet began to sweat just as much as daisy's feet did, and soon he was smelling the same stench he did when she wore them. His feet had been fully converted into Daisy's feet, and he noticed.

His attitudes towards the smell had also changed however, so he now, like his sister, loved wearing flats and now, like his sister, didn't care who suffered as a result of his feminine feet stink.

His gait had also changed, going from a manly stride to a feminine walk, just like his sister. A shlorp noise could be heard sometimes from the flats as the sole stuck to his feet from the sweat.

James sat down admiring his flats in his cute feet and thought about what to do next.

  1. James tries on Daisy's other clothes
  2. Daisy comes home and sees James with her flats on
  3. James's parents come home
  4. Something else

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