The swapper - It begins

My name was once One day I woke up from my sleep but something was off I was in a smaller room with a piece of paper on my chest it said in some of the strangest writing I've ever seen "hello you are probably wondering why you are here but I just needed to inform you on me a higher being gave to you. You are able once a day to change bodies with a different one of your kind, any other species that live on your planet or with a something from a fantasy on random not knowing what your going to get" I then just did as the note said and just thought about changing bodies and next second I'm in a different room or a different body
  1. Human 1 (blank)
  2. Human 2 (blank)
  3. Human 3 (blank)
  4. Animal 1 (locked)
  5. Animal 2 (blank)
  6. Animal 3 (blank)
  7. Character 1 (blank)
  8. Character 2 (blank)
  9. Character 3 (blank)

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